We get it! Things are often very difficult financially and can overflow into other aspects of your life … relationships, your health and your work performance. Essentials may get sacrificed and being caught in debt is often a problem. This leads to stress and worry.

This is a tough position to be in and can apply to people and families at almost every income level. The good news is that you can make changes by focusing on the right things.

Make a start by using the My Budget Journey. Work on a budget and then customise your bank account structure to make the budget work. Feel better about money by making a start in the right direction.



You can pay for your daily expenses comfortably, but you’re not moving forward in terms of preparing for your future. You’re worried about retirement affordability and are ill-prepared for significant expenses that may mean having to take on debt or a change in lifestyle.

You're living the good life … for now! But if you're not planning for the future, you need to start thinking about it! It’s never too early and it’s never too late.

Take the My Net Worth Journey to find out what your net worth is currently and forecasted into the future, and how it could be improved over the long term. We also recommend you do the My Budget Journey to help you understand your finances and look for opportunities to set aside money to prepare for financial shocks.



You have a good wealth base so are in a healthy position for the future, but you often struggle to have enough money to meet your daily needs and significant expenses. This may start to jeopardise your wealth base or desired lifestyle … and that’s a worry for you.

Your future looks bright! However, getting there comfortably is looking to be quite the challenge.

Start the My Budget Journey to see the different ways you can adjust your finances so you can make more room for your daily needs. You can also pop into a couple of other Journeys around seeing how much you are worth over time, paying off short term debt, or preparing for financial shocks.


Ngā Kaipuke Hāereere

Life is great. You have plenty of money for all expenses, and plenty of wealth so are well set up for the future. However, you sometimes take your current financial position for granted and this could put your comfortable position at risk. Now is not the time to take your eye off the ball!

This is where we all aspire to be … but be aware plenty of people in this position get carried away and end up jeopardising their and their family’s future.

Take the My Net Worth Journey to review your assets and your ability to cash up when the time is right.

Extra Help

If you would like to get a better understanding of your financial situation, you can read our eGuides as well as our Blog.