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"I know insurance ... and I have an adviser! Everyone needs one. It’s a jargon-filled industry and it can be very difficult trying to work this stuff out by your self.

Luckily there are some great people out there trained to help. The MI Team advisers and support staff are fantastic; they know all the ins and outs and will happily help you get the cover that you and your family need.

It's a FREE service".

Tracey Hunter, CEO

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How MI Team Can Help

For new insurance discussions, or an existing insurance policy. See below for what they do.

Legal Stuff

We can't share info, unless you say yes! Check out our legal stuff at the link at the bottom of this page.

How MI Team Can Help

They'll cut through the jargon. Speak to them for a new cover or a review of an existing plan.

Life Insurance

A way to help your family cope financially once you're gone.

Home and Contents Insurance

A way to protect your most valuable assets.

Car & Boat Insurance

Protect your vehicles whether they are on land or sea.

Health Insurance

Get peace of mind and pay for medical treatments when you need them.

Income Protection Insurance

Guarantee your quality of life by protecting your ability to earn an income.

Landlord Protection Insurance

Protect your real estate investments so you can focus on growing them.

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