Get on Top of Short-term Debt - Journey

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This Journey will help you get rid of that darn debt as fast as possible!

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Getting Financially Empowered

It’s easy to get into debt but a whole lot harder to get out of it. Most of us at some point will have short-term debt of some kind. You may be surprised at what you can achieve by spending a bit of time reviewing your debt.

This Journey helps you identify all of your short-term debts, the best order to repay debt, shows you the impact of increasing your payments, and how to organise your money to try and pay your debt off faster.

What's Included in this Journey

Review My Debts

List all your short-term debts: get clarity about how much you owe.

Best Order to Pay Off Debt

Identify the best order of repayment to maximise your savings.

My Budget

Review your budget: see if you have more money to pay off debt.

Extra Help

Our Blog, eGuides and access to people who can help