Stay On Top by Preparing for Financial Shocks

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will! Most people have been caught out by significant unexpected financial shocks e.g. appliance replacement, car repairs, insurance excess, medical or vet costs … and of course the list goes on.

This Journey will provide you with a tailored plan to save up for particular events including target dates, monthly amounts and taking into account any money you already have set aside. Or, use it to create an emergency fund!

What's Included in this Journey

Plan for the unexpected

Plan how much to set aside for unexpected emergencies

A personalised plan

See how much to set aside per month

Protect yourself and loved ones

Stay financially ready and have peace of mind

Start Your Financial Shocks Journey

Work how much money you can set aside to prepare yourself for unpredictable financial shocks.

Plan for the unexpected

The Prepare for Unpredictable Financial Shocks Journey helps you plan how much money you need to set aside in case the unexpected happens.

A personalised plan

See how much money you need to set aside each month with the included savings plan