There is a lot of value in seeing and understanding your money, dealing with problems as they arise and having visibility of opportunities to do better.

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Should You Start the Money Conversation?

Among the conversations we have with our partners and loved ones, talking about money is still largely perceived as taboo.

ACC – Important Things You Need to Know

If you’re injured because of an accident you may be covered by ACC, but will it be enough? How do you avoid struggling financially?

Law Changes & Loan Sharks - the CCCFA

To target predatory high-interest lenders, changes will be made to the Credit, Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA). Learn more about the changes...

Create a Savings Plan

Simple tips to help you avoid debt and achieve your goals.


Make Your Relationship With Money Work for You

Do you have a rocky relationship with your money? Read more...

Women and Money

Learn why women could be more at risk financially. Read more...

Make Your Bank Accounts Work

Learn how to structure your bank accounts and more. Read more...

Having a go at Home Renovations

Thinking about a bit of DIY to save a few bucks? Read more...

The AM Show videos

The Importance of Having Financial Goals

Tracey shares 3 key tips to achieving your financial goals with The AM Show.

Busting Mortgage Myths

Learn the truth behind the biggest mortgage myths.

Investing When Interest Rates Are Low

Saving up for a house or retirement has become a challenge for a lot of Kiwis.

How to Change your Budgeting Mindset

Create a simple budgeting system that pays the bills and keeps the fun in life!