There is a real debt problem in New Zealand and one of the main reasons for this is that it is very easy to get into debt. Opportunities to take on consumer debt for all sorts of products and services is all around us. However, getting out of debt can be very difficult and expensive.

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Debt Consolidation: Getting the Monkey off Your Back

Having multiple debts can feel like having ‘a monkey on your back’: as if you’ll be stuck with debt forever! Debt Consolidation may be the answer.

'Buy Now Pay Later' ... Regret it Later?

Many New Zealanders have fallen in love with using ‘buy now, pay later’ services to buy retail goods. We look into the pros and cons…

Ride in a Time Machine by Repaying Debt Faster!

Find out why paying even just a little bit more than the minimum monthly repayments will let you pay debt off so much faster!


Interest Free Deals

Deals can be tempting, but watch out for the fine print! Read more...

The Debt Spiral

Learn how to avoid and get out of the Debt Spiral. Read more...

Caution: Credit Cards

Start having a great relationship with your credit card. Read more...

Your Credit Report & Credit Score

Find out why your credit score is so important. Read more...

The AM Show videos

How to Pay-off Debt

Tracey shares three tips on how to best pay-off debt.

Expert Tips for Getting out of Debt

Multiple debts can cause repayments to quickly spiral out of control.

When Should You Borrow Money?

When does borrowing money become the right decision?