Remember at Love My Money, we are here to help you change how you feel about money. This has not changed!

How can Love My Money Help You?

  • Introducing you to a range of plain English, inter-connected, self-help step-by-step Journeys.
  • Our Journeys address Kiwi’s most common financial problems and goals, and include debt reduction, budgeting, saving up for spending (rather than getting into debt) and retirement planning.
  • If, or when, the time is right we have financial product partners available for you to speak to for personal advice.

NEW from Love My Money

We have been very busy these past few weeks, fast-tracking new features.

Current users will be aware that we have 5 step-by-step Journeys: My Budget / Short-term Debt / Saving Up for Spending / Preparing for Financial Shocks / What I’m Worth

In addition to this we have now released:

My Financial Hub

Found on your Dashboard. This has links to the following new ‘TOOLS’:

  • My Budget Tool – see your entire budget in 1 place. All data links between the Tool and the Journey
  • My Bank Plan Tool – see your budget come to life with bank account planning
  • My Mortgage Tool – your Mortgage may be your biggest debt, use this to find out more about savings you could make
  • Protect Me Tool – a self-assessment of what financial risks you may be exposed to and people you can access to resolve this
  • What I’m Worth Tool - get a view of your current and possible future financial position. Why do this? Well, if you don’t like how the future looks, now is the best time to start making changes!
  • See the big picture, you may be very surprised at how well you are doing

Access these tools in your Financial Hub or access and edit the same information in your Journeys.

My Thinking Hub

Creating a place to see all your financial information with the Journeys and Financial Hub Tools is great, but sometimes you just want to ‘play’ and see the impact of changes.

You now can with the release of the Thinking Hub. You can take a copy of any of your Financial Information, then make changes …. for instance, a new budget post COVID-19. You can change any of the budget information and see the result. This WILL NOT change your main data in the Financial Hub.

New pop-up video guides featuring Tracey Hunter

Get a better introduction to Love My Money and how its different Journeys and tools can help you with our new pop-up video guides featuring Tracey Hunter, CEO of Love My Money.

Updated tools for our advanced users

Built for property investors and more experienced users, our advanced tools come with Personal and Rental perspectives, as well as support for more Scenarios. Find them at the My Scenarios Tool via the Thinking Hub.

More post-Journey education pages

The road to loving your finances does not end as soon as you finish a Journey! Our new education pages explain in detail key financial topics such as organising your bank account structure, and learning to manage your surplus or deficit.