2020 vision: New Year, new goals!

Maybe you wish you had managed your money differently (especially over Christmas), or perhaps you did the best you could, but it was still a struggle.

It’s never too late to make changes. If you have a break over the holiday season, invest some time in yourself: set some financial goals, then start chipping away at them.

Clear debt as fast as possible

If you have debt you’d like to tackle so you can start or grow your savings, making time this month to plan how, could mean that this time next year you’ll be enjoying a great relationship with your money!

Imagine how great it would feel to know you had the self-discipline to not only pay off debt and save, but to change how you feel about money. That could have a big impact on other aspects of your life too … 2020 could be life-changing!

Get on top of high-interest, short-term debt

Love My Money has the kick-start and on-going motivation you need, to help you get on top of debt: our online Short-term Debt Journey.

The personalised repayment plan in the Journey will show you:

  • The best order to pay your debts off in
  • How making extra payments (not just the minimum payment), can have a big impact!
  • When each debt will be paid off - to really help you stay motivated

Stay on track in the future

To keep feeling good about money, you can update your information as circumstances change and you set new goals.

Love My Money’s Journeys are useful for preparing for and dealing with major life events: Buying a First Home, Having a Baby, Home Renovation, Relationship Breakdown. All our Journeys are interconnected, so you won’t need to enter the same information twice.

Ready to live happily ever after with your money?
Learn more about the Short-term Debt Journey