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We’re surrounded by temptation and easy access to money and credit.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of racking up debt by living a lifestyle you can’t afford and buying things you don’t need, e.g. to try to impress people and keep up with trends.

Goods previously out of reach when you were younger, can be yours with a simple swipe or wave of a card. Lenders might entice you to increase your credit card limit/s, have an overdraft and personal loans.

What could possibly go wrong?!

A lot! The proverbial could hit the fan … You can end up becoming a slave to money by spending more than you earn, living pay to pay and struggling to pay back debt.

You don’t need the stress of facing debt recovery, legal action, insolvency (e.g. bankruptcy), and having a terrible credit rating - which doesn’t just make it harder to get credit for years to come, it can also cause problems when applying for rental properties and jobs.

So how do you stay out of debt and out of danger?

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You’ll get simple tips about what to do if you’re in debt for the first time, learn what might happen if you get into trouble with debt, and how to ease the pain.

This could be the start of a great relationship with your money

Read the First Debt 101 eGuide

Learn what to do when in debt, as well as how to avoid it!