Tips for renters landords and property buyers

For Renters

1. Start looking for a flat now!

School is back in season and along with it are droves of students eager to move into flats. While this may be great news for landlords, this can mean additional days or weeks of trying to find a good flat for renters

The earlier you start looking for flats, the more assurance you will have of getting a reasonably-priced, well located flat during this busy season.

2. Keep an eye out for potential rent increases

According to, landlords are only allowed to increase their rent after the first 180 days of tenancy. Additionally, further increases to rent are only allowed after 180 days starting from the previous rent increase.

Keep this in mind as you start working on your weekly and monthly budgets for 2019. Better yet, consider having a quick chat with your landlord to get a more specific date if ever a rent increase in indeed headed your way.

For Landlords

1. A small token of appreciation towards your tenants can mean another year free from headaches!

While responsible tenants that pay on time can be hard to come by, finally finding one to rent out your flat can be a dream come true for landlords.

If you happen to have such a tenant, a $10 bottle of wine could be a great way to show your appreciation and stay on their good side (as well as a cheeky way to have a peek at how your flat is looking).

2. Replacing a troublesome tenant clarifies the strict rules landlords must follow when ending your contract with a tenant. However, if it so happens that your fixed term contract with your troublesome tenant is about to expire in the next few days, now would be the perfect time to look for a new tenant instead!

For First Home and Investment Property Buyers

1. Don't let the sunshine distract you!

Just like how good lighting can bring the best out in a photo, a bit of sunshine can easily make a house look more presentable while keeping you distracted from potential defects. Keep this in mind and try to pay attention to things that may not be as obvious: worn out piping, cracks in the wall, or the odd fresh coat of paint.

2. Is the property owner desperate?

While widely celebrated as the season of giving and togetherness, Christmastime can also be a stressful time for families when it comes to finances.

As you keep an eye out for your next potential home, try and see how anxious the property owner gets when it comes to selling the property. Pressing this advantage could give you more flexibility when it comes to things like delaying the settlement date or getting an extra chattel thrown in (for example, a washing machine).