Tenancy Services New Zealand has released an updated list of insulation standards for ceilings and floors of rental properties. Rental property owners must meet these criteria by July 2019.

Getting a head start on this process will help you avoid the potential rush and price hikes that can come within the three months preceding this deadline. Installing new insulation may also increase the value of your property, giving you grounds to make a proportional increase in rent.

Summary of Insulation Requirements:

I. Roof

  • If you can do so safely, check if your roof has insulation
  • Insulation must be thicker than 70mm
  • Insulation must be in reasonable condition (no missing areas, no gaps except around lights and heat sources, no defects)
  • Good idea to top up on insulation if it is below 120mm

II. Underfloor

  • Check if your floors have insulation
  • Must be in reasonable condition
  • If using foil insulation, ensure that top surface is still shiny and no rips, gaps, or damage is present
  • Since there is a risk of electrocution, hiring a professional is recommended when removing foil insulation

Low-income homeowners and landlords with low-income tenants may also qualify for the government's "Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes" programme, which offers up to 50% in insulation subsidies for homes built before 2000.