It's when we are at are at the peak of our youth, but also at our lowest financial points. 

So, when met with our entry-level salaries, we are often left wondering how to find a healthy compromise between our dreams and our paycheck.

The country has drastically changed the past several years. And, alongside with these changes comes the need to adapt. Starting a family, a milestone which was typically done during our mid-twenties, has been pushed back by today's generation as far as their early thirties. Additionally, more competitive job markets, expensive rent, and the desire to travel add to the growing list of concerns holding back young Millennials from jumping with both feet towards raising a child.

Home ownership, another longstanding Kiwi milestone for young adults, has gradually strayed further and further away from our grasp. The sheer number of zeroes placed at open home advertisements are constant reminders of the harsh reality of owning a home today.

While some choose to accept this reality with a half-hearted acceptance of renting throughout their lives, others choose to embrace the underappreciated benefit that this gives them: freedom. Some, if not all aspects of a typical office job can now be done from anywhere through a typical computer and a decent Internet connection. Hence, their aversion to being tied down to a single place through a mortgage.

However, the significant challenge of owning a home as a young adult does not change the fact that owning property remains as one of the best investments you can do in New Zealand. If you are part of the silent majority who still desire to own a home despite the intimidating deposit requirements and confusing processes involved, don't worry. You don't have to do this alone because help is out there.

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