How do budgets make you feel?

When you think of planning your spending and living on a budget, does it make you feel calm and in control, or irritated and held back?

Don’t worry! Whichever answer you gave, you’re completely normal

What's the difference?

The “calm and in control” people probably already have some kind of budget in place.  They get a kick out of planning for and keeping track of their money.  They find that having money in their bank account gives them a feeling of security.

The “irritated and held back” people may have tried a budget in the past, but not for long.  They can’t be bothered with the details of money. They just want it to be there when they need it.  They find that spending money without following any rules gives them a feeling of freedom.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a “freedom” person.  Penny-pinching, saving compulsively and never spending a cent on having fun is no way to live your life.

But neither is spending everything and ending up with nothing, or less than nothing – debt and poverty are the opposite of freedom.

The ideal situation

To be able to enjoy spending your money, AND to have enough left over to able to generate the wealth that will provide you with true security and freedom in the future.

How do you do that?

By recognising that having a spending plan and rules for your money does give you freedom!

  • Freedom from worry about how to cope when the car fails its warrant, or the cat needs to go the vet, or… (insert costly disaster here)
  • Freedom from that slightly sick feeling you can get when making a purchase you think might be too expensive, and then feeling even sicker when the credit card bill arrives
  • Freedom from buying things that you really don’t even care about because you’re just in a mindless habit
  • Freedom to buy the things that feed your soul (or that are just so cool you have to have them), and knowing without any doubt that this is fine, you can afford it
  • Freedom to walk away from a toxic relationship, idiot boss or annoying neighbours.
  • Freedom in knowing that the future that you want is on its way, that every day you take another small step towards it