Money Management

Smart goals will give you the best chance of success. As they say, “a goal without a plan is just a dream!” We want your dreams to become goals you can reach. Here is how to make that happen./p>

A word from our CEO, Tracey Hunter.

We love sharing good news! From April 1st, the Minimum Wage rate is going up to $18.90 an hour (from $17.70).

To target predatory high-interest lenders, changes will be made to the Credit, Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA). Learn more about the changes...

As the saying goes, ‘Hindsight’s a wonderful thing’. So, looking back at 2019 … Were there some hard times financially?

Will your relationship with money get rocky in the New Year, when bills stack up and reality hits?

If you’re worried about how much Christmas will cost you, we have some tips to help make it more affordable.

Family activities can empty the bank account waaaay too fast! Here are some ways to have fun and spend less.

Among the conversations we have with our partners and loved ones, talking about money is still largely perceived as taboo.

If you were ill and couldn’t work for months, would you have enough money saved to pay your bills?